Terms and Conditions

Research Contract

By commissioning research with us you agree to the following terms:

1. The agreement is made between the company, person or persons commissioning the research (The Client) and GenealogyEngland and its associated companies (The Researcher).
a. In order not to duplicate work previously done, the client will provide the researcher with all pertinent information on the subject(s) to be researched, including copies of reports or summaries of previous research concerning the problem, copies of significant records, and notes on sources or collections already searched. The Researcher does not assume responsibility for previous work done by others to be accurate information.
b. The researcher is, and shall remain, an independent contractor performing services for the client. The researcher shall determine the place, manner and sequence of performance within the scope of this agreement and any subsequent requests from the client.
c. The researcher will conduct a preliminary survey of the data, documents and information in the possession of the client and shall conduct research as appropriate.
d. The researcher agrees to provide a detailed report of all sources checked during the research, with analysis (if required), and a detailed report of time consumed and expenses incurred. The report will be sent to the client whose name and address has been provided, either electronically and/or in hard copy in a timely fashion, but where there is unavoidable delay then the researcher will inform the client of the reasons for any such delay and an interim report if appropriate.
e. The Researcher shall perform to professional and ethical standards, within the letter and spirit of the code of practice of the Association of Genealogists & Researchers in Archives (AGRA) & the Association of Scottish Genealogists & Researchers in Archives (ASGRA) and the standards recommended by them (a copy of this can be supplied on request).
f. The client and researcher shall maintain regular verbal and/or written contact, communicating as appropriate any details, problems, suggestions, questions and/or timetables in order to ensure a smooth and effective working relationship.
g. Reports supplied by the researcher to the client are copyright of the researcher and must not be reproduced, amended or published, including in electronic form without prior written consent of the researcher.

2. The researcher shall provide research services to the client and the client agrees to compensate the researcher for the following:
a. The agreed fee shall be applied to all time engaged in analysis, research, consultation, telephone conversations, meetings, travel time, client communication and report preparation concerning the contracted project. Where an hourly rate is in force the researcher shall not increase the hourly rate charged to client for work performed under this contract. Where a budget has been agreed between the client and the researcher then this will not be exceeded without the consent of the client in writing either electronically or otherwise.
b. Actual cost for admissions, certificates, legal documents, photocopies, microfilm rentals/copies and digital copying licences.
c. The client must confirm in writing or by electronic communication that he/she wishes to commission the agreed research, such confirmation is also deemed to be an acceptance of this genealogical research contract. The agreed fee or deposit is payable in advance. Final payment is required before the final report is passed to the Client, except where alternative arrangements have been agreed in writing. Interim payments, and/or payments for disbursements may be required on long term projects. Genealogical and historical research be a lengthy and challenging exercise that from time to time may produce little or no positive result and the client is reminded that payments are for research services provided and payments must be made even if the research fails to provide the client’s desired result.
d. Either party may cancel this contract if either determines that the continuation of the project will be out of their scope of expertise or for any other reason. It shall be stated in writing, the researcher shall be paid for work down to that date, and this contract will be considered null and void for the remainder of the contract terms stated

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