Fee Structure

Research fees are based on an hourly rate and are negotiable depending on the location of sources and research to be undertaken. Initially a budget will be agreed before research is commenced. The terms of research are agreed in advance with the Client regarding of the amount of hours to be be spent on a project. For new projects and depending on the type research some payment will be required in advance, this will be advised once the project is agreed. Alternatively you could consider one of our Research Packages

It should be noted that historical research can be a lengthy and challenging exercise, therefore it is not normally possible to supply an exact quotation. The agreed budget will not be exceeded without further agreement.

Please consider that there are cheaper options, some researchers charge less and there are some who are very thorough, but when choosing a researcher there is a distinction between the hobby genealogist and the properly trained genealogical researcher.

Some travel costs may be involved to some locations and any costs for certificates and copies are charged as levied by the repository. It is not always possible to obtain copies due to copyright and fragility of documents.