• You have a professional understanding of an avenue of approach (WGS, Texas, USA)

  • Thank you for the excellent presentation of your reports (SM, Derby, UK)

  • I was once again impressed with the progress you have made in being able to find so many pieces of my family history jigsaw puzzle (RP, Illinois, USA)

  • Many thanks for your prompt and efficient service (RD, Yorks, UK)

  • I received your report just a few hours ago, I would like to thank you for your really excellent work. Very thorough and very rewarding to me (MH, Oxon, UK)

  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the work you have done to date. I appreciate some of the difficulties in tracing these families so I am impressed with the success so far. (CL, New York, USA)

  • This case was very complex, We could not have found all those beneficiaries without your assistance (NWS Solictors, Yorks, UK).

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